Just a little peak!

While most online sites are ether to complex or to simple, we try to find the perfect little mix. Here is a little preview of just a few of the many features you will find within Next Era Office.

Welcome Page

Quickly Access Common Tasks

Using the welcome menu, you can quickly see if you have any new or due items along with quick access to common tasks.


Give your users an easy way to access you.

Easily share or embed standard contact, issue submission and feedback forms, basically anywhere you want, then easily keep track of it all.


Bring your "contacts" to life!

Not only can you easily organize your contacts, you will be able to do so much more. From keeping contact history,  tasks, products or just notes, you will be able to easily track, organize and share all of those important values.


Product Management

Keep track of orders, features, issues, supplier and all sorts of other information related to your products.

You can even easily create and assign jobs for each order.

From Single User to Hundreds of Users

From disabling features, limiting access to various documents or limiting the contacts they can see, you can easily control all aspects of your users.

Easily give your hourly or contracted employees access to a list of their assigned jobs, time-sheets, purchase requests, mileage and many, many other business functions.

Allow your clients to create their own accounts and access various information related to them or their company.


Never misplace a document or note.

Easily keep track of all of those documents you probably have scattered all over everywhere and easily access them in a variety of ways.

With easy retention options, you can also easily and automatically archive (hide) or delete notes and documents that are no longer relevant.


Product Issues

Give your users an easy way to submit issues, get automated notifications, then easily track everything about the issue.

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