Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Here at Next Era Office, we offer a flexible pricing model, based on the number of concurrent users logged in at one time, not the total number of users you have.  

Don't get stuck with named user licensing!

Customize Your User Licensing

Our licenses start at $5 per month, or $50 per year, per concurrent user. This includes access to the CRM features and many of our standard business management tools. 

You can then enhance your subscription by adding any number of the following add-on licenses. You can then assign these to particular users or groups to help you maximize your savings.

Document Templates


Allows creation of documents using document templates.

Company Assets


Enables tracking of company assets and records associated to these items.

HR Tools


Track employment HR actions, leave requests and documents related to employees.

Approval Processing


Unlock basic approval routing and processing for your records.



Allows management access of your public facing knowledge base.

Employee Payroll


Setup pay scales and manage deduction reports.

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We also offer dedicated enterprise systems that removes most user limitations.

Choose Your Data Storage

We offer a variety of data packages to choose from.

1 GB


10 GB


50 GB


500 GB


1 TB


5 TB


50 TB


Why don't you try it out yourself with a 

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